Mate X stickers with 250W info

Now you can get authentic replica backup-sticker sets for your Mate X electric bikes.  (I case you damage your original ones.)

We are delivering high quality stickers to Mate X owners. 

NEWS! You can now get the new backupsticker with the Class I version of the US/ASIA frame sticker! (Dec.7th)

About Us


Sticker guru

I have produced high quality prints and stickers for many years and know how to deliver the best stickers for outdoor use. My stickers are often in a better quality than the one you are replacing.

All sticker are printed on quality plastic with solid thickness and the best print quality available today. The glue is permanent and solid.

All stickers are sent via envelopes and do not have any tracking capabilities. Stickers are shipped out from Scandinavia. 

Delivery times seems to vary  since its sent via snailmail. Expect 1-3 weeks depending where you live. I have no control over this.

Can't find your sticker here? No problem. Contact us! Here is what you do: - Just take some close-up pictures of  the stickers you need, take accurate measurements in millimeter of the sticker size and add some info about the bike model, bike brand. If I am to reproduce a stickers for our customers, then there have to be demand for it. 

If you have any questions or issues - please contact me at: